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About Chef Memo
Chef Memo is not a real chef in the sense of a formally schooled chef, but he likes to cook like one. Memo will eat or cook just about anything and endeavors to be a shade tree gourmet.

Food is not his only passion and you can find his wit and opinions at these locations:

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Feb. 6th, 2010 @ 03:09 pm Chile Suave de Lynn
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I shop at the local Grocery Store as opposed to one of those "SuperMarts." They have daily Easy Prep recipes every day (Aprons) by a quasi-professional. On the week-ends there is Lynn who is hawking the Meat specials by the butcher! She usually has some interesting concoctions. This chili was one of her best.

I made some slight alterations in what is added because I also increased the portion size since there are six to feed en la casa de Juez. For hardcore Chili fans, it is exceptionally mild. But for those who find chili to spicy, heavy, whatever, it delivers on flavor.

10   oz can  Rotel Tomato & Green Chile (Original)
14.5 oz can  Del Monte petite tomatoes
16   oz can  Bush's Red beans
15.8 oz can  Bush's Great Northern beans
 8   oz can  Hunt's Tomato Sauce
10.75oz can  Hunt's Tomato Puree
 6   oz can  Hunt's Tomato Paste
 3   lbs     Market Ground Beef
 1   pkg     Lawry’s Chili Seasoning (1.48oz)
 2   cups    White Rice

Prepare rice per package directions.

Brown the ground beef, drain grease then add the Chili Seasoning. Keep over Medium-medium low heat. Add the Rotel and Del Monte cans and stir in. Add all of the Hunt's cans and stir again until thoroughly mixed. Add the Bush's beans stirring to incorporate.

Heat through over medium heat occasionally stirring to evenly heat.

Serve over or mix with the rice in your bowl. I leave out the Crushed Red Pepper, Ground Red (Cayenne) Pepper, Paprika and Chili Powder for those like myself who want more kick.
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